At the refinery CMS "Settings" are not displayed in the admin application

In a refinery refinery, On the settings tab at the back there is no. Anyone facing the same problem?

The demo application for the CMS refinery contains the "Settings" tab. When I created a new project using an oil refinery. no "Settings" tab.

Please tell me how to enable this tab or any gem dependency?

I only stick to this. :(

Please reply as soon as possible. thanks in advance.


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Hiya is so easy to share with a wider audience the response from resellers and here it is:

hope the email helped you

Philip Arndt: quote

for oil refineries

Yes, refinerycms settings are no longer included by default. This is now a gem packed separately for the rest




It's easy for people to help.
The Settings tab feature is not available in the latest version of refinerycms.
If you want to change the configuration, it will be located under "Configuration / Initializers / Refinery /"
Thank you.



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