A handy semantic wiki?

I need to develop an internal knowledge management platform for a small organization, allowing staff to:

  • get an overview of the organization, roles, responsibilities;
  • separate administrative and technical processes;
  • write and share articles (mostly about research);
  • share quick, practical information;
  • Upload and exchange of documents.

I was really interested in semantic wikis because they can provide a powerful link between different articles, writers, documents ... and thus allow workers to seamlessly browse from the relevant one.

However, these people are not computer engineers, and I am afraid that it will be impossible to include semantic data in their articles. They want something user friendly and WYSIWYG if possible.


  • Do you know a handy semantic wiki?
  • Do you know of other tools that would enable this powerful viewing by linking automatically linked content?

Thanks for your advice.


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I would recommend using the Semantic_MediaWiki MediaWiki Extension in conjunction with the WYSIWYG Editor Wiki .

You can embed wikieditor (or basically any other WYSIWYG Mediawiki extension using the following code:

| {{{field|WYSIWYGField|input type=textarea|editor=wikieditor}}}




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