How do I store additional data along with Tag-it tags?

We use Tag-it with an Ajax call tagSource

to tag the content. We need to include more data than the tag label itself, for example. id other than a label or metadata such as a tag type. The data that is returned in the Ajax call, but we don't want to be included in the label tag itself.

We can change Tag-it to include data with elements li

using the

method , but if someone has already solved this or can recommend a different library tag it would be much appreciated.


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The key to doing this without changing the tag is to close the gap between the extra data that is returned from the autocomplete Ajax call and the Tag-it afterTagAdded event.

Add a variable itemData

to the scope that will be used to store additional data from the autocomplete element:

    var itemData;


Get a reference to the tags element so that create tag behavior can be created

    var theTags = $('#tags');



Handle the select

autocomplete event and save additional data from the selected autocomplete item, then create the tag.

        autocomplete: {
            source: [
                {value:'User Tag',data:{id: 1, type: 'userTag'}},
                {value:'System Tag',data:{id: 2, type: 'systemTag'}}
            select: function(event,ui) {
                itemData =;
                theTags.tagit("createTag", ui.item.value);
                return false;


Handle the event afterTagAdded

for Tag-it. Any custom behavior can be implemented here to change just the added tag.

        afterTagAdded: function(event, ui) {
            if (itemData) {
                $(ui.tag).data('type', itemData); // store all data
                $(ui.tag).find('input').val(; // use a bit of the data
                itemData = null;


See a working example of this solution at



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