How to use the standard library

I have been programming C ++ for over 2 years now, starting to learn it on my own with the help of online guides / books. Now, after 2 years, I think I speak the language well. One thing though I didn't pay attention to:

This is about the C ++ standard library. I recently had to deal with abstract streams and buffers and realized that I knew nothing about their powerful uses. I only know basic container and io operations.

So, are there any good sites / books where I can learn to take advantage of streams / library in general and learn about library architecture? Links to sites would be appreciated :)


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I think these books are a good source:

  • The C ++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, Nikolai M. Josuttis, ISBN 0201379260

  • An Effective STL: 50 Concrete Ways to Improve Usage of the Standard Template Library, Scott Myers, ISBN 0201749629



I think this link might be a good starting point

And for STL



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