Best way to store text data in an Android app?

I made an Android app that contains the most used German words and sentences. The application contains a CSV file that contains all the data.

It currently works as expected, but I want to ask if there is a better way to store such data directly in the application?

I am also thinking about the possibility of updating data via the Internet, for example, adding new words and sentences.

Thank! Mirets


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If you want to change the content (update, delete, etc.), I would suggest using SQLite DB , which has a pretty good built-in integration with the Android platform.



There are 2 types of SQLDatabaseLite and SharedPreference. The main difference between the two is that one is organized and the other is not.

If you require fast storage usage in your application, such as resizing text between activities, SharedPrefference works best for you.

If you have a complex database system where you need to store multiple data for a specific event, SQLDatabaseLite is an example of your customer data table; Name, phone number, etc.