How to find plugin id in eclipse rcp application

is there an API method to get the current plugin id?

note: my rcp app contains more than one plugin project, some of them do not contain Plugin class (Activator class)

so I can't get the plugin id in this way:




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In every plugin class, you must have your private instance variable for your plugin and you must implement the getInstance () method to return an instance reference, I believe you should already be doing this if you don't see the docomentaion reference for the Plugin class. After YorPluginClass1.getInstance().getBundle().getSymbolicName();

and YorPluginClass2.getInstance().getBundle().getSymbolicName();

should be specified that their respective symbolic plugin names should be returned.



I am using the following code in one of mine Activators


 * Returns the bundle id of the bundle that contains the provided object, or <code>null</code>
 * if the bundle could not be determined.
 * @param clazz the object to test
 * @return the build ID or <code>null</code>
public String getBundleId(Class<? extends Object> clazz) {
    if (clazz == null) return null;

    final PackageAdmin packageAdmin = getBundleAdmin();
    if (packageAdmin == null) return null;

    final Bundle source = packageAdmin.getBundle(clazz);
    if (source == null || source.getSymbolicName() == null) return null;

    return source.getSymbolicName();

 * Returns the OSGi Package Admin service, if available.
public PackageAdmin getBundleAdmin() {
    if (bundleTracker == null) {
        bundleTracker = new ServiceTracker(getContext(), PackageAdmin.class.getName(), null);;
    return (PackageAdmin) bundleTracker.getService();


And yes, I know it is PackageAdmin

outdated, but I didn't have time to update it ...