Hyper-V raises an error "sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine"

After installing Hyper-V on Windows, I get the following error when I start the game on my Windows. Of course, I am not running it in a virtual machine. I want to run the game on the PC itself where I have installed Hyper-V.

sorry this app cannot run under a virtual machine

Even I tried to stop the Hyper-V service inside Hyper-V management, but that doesn't work for me and I get the same error. Please help me find a solution to this problem.

Thank you.


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I found a good solution. making an entry in the bootloader so that the hypervisor does not start, selecting this option on system restart. here are the steps to it:

1.On the command line, enter the following:

bcdedit /copy {default} /d "No Hypervisor"


2. The above command should say The entry was successfully copied to {guid}

. Copy this pointer to the clipboard including curly braces.

3. Now enter the following command:

bcdedit /set {guid} hypervisorlaunchtype off


In the above command, replace {guid} with what you copied in step 2. I found the solution here: Hyper-V and VMware workstation on the same machine . This works for me and I hope it works for people having the same problem.



This is a defensive copy protection that tries to stop you from running a sandbox game like a virtual machine, where you can automate a (bot) game or hack a game by shoving memory from outside the machine.

The only way to solve this problem is for you to either

A) uninstall VirtualPC / Hyper-V completely

B) Ask the game company to change their policy explaining why you need Hyper-V and would like to play their game on the same machine and wait for them to push the update.



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