The most efficient 3d engine for Android?

I am looking for a comfortable and efficient 3d engine for Android. Can you recommend them to me? Now I choose ShiVa3D but I am really worried about performance because I am writing an augmented reality application that definitely needs all the CPU resources =)

All I need from a 3d engine:

  • loading model (scene) imported from 3dmax
  • render basic animation
  • sound reproduction
  • load c ++ modules (my external library with frame handling)
  • maybe (not necessary!) basic physical

So I'm looking for a lightweight user-friendly 3d engine for android =) Or are the performance differences not significant?


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Unity3D should cover all of your needs. It is lightweight, convenient and easy to learn.

Shiva also has these qualities, but not as simple and convenient as Oneness. It has the added benefit of not requiring a $ 400 license to publish on Android.

The other options are probably too cumbersome for what you need.

Effectively, I don't think there is much difference. The burden is up to you to optimize the number of policies, textures and code.

Bottom line, I think Unity will probably save you time, Shiva will probably be the same for you some money. Thus, your mileage may vary. Unity3D has an Android trial that you can use for testing and comparison



I am one of the developers of Linderdaum Engine and I recommend that you use it. It is open source. It works on Windows and Android, so you can do whatever you prototype on Windows. He can:

  • load animated .md5 models exported from 3dsmax
  • render skeletal animations
  • playing .ogg and tracker (.xm, .it - ​​very handy on mobile) audio
  • integrated physics Box2D

And you can load your C ++ modules easily.



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