Autocomplete for a member of another class

Is it possible to just type in the first letters of a static class member and then (by magic shortcut) the completion list lists all possible class.member entries?

More detailed explanation:

I have 15 classes in the form:

class AClass
  public static readonly string Volumeclass = "abcd";
  //... other members

class AnotherClass
  public static readonly string Volumeclass = "xyz";
  //... other members


When I want to access these members, I want to inject the Volumeclass and I want to get the list:

  • AClass.Volumeclass
  • AnotherClass.Volumeclass

by intellect. So I only need to select the correct character instead of remembering the correct class name.

I tried Smart Completion but it didn't work.


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I cannot say that I know such a label. Obviously, if you use the Navigation Go To Symbol ( IntelliJ:

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-T or Visual Studio:

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-T) you can have a list of all VolumeClass

properties in your code:

But that's not what you want. The closest I could suggest is to use a completion Import Symbol

( Ctrl- Alt- Space) and then enter the first letters of that type. It will display all globally available types and import the appropriate directive if necessary using


Edit . Another idea is to create this with the ReSharper Live Template, which will allow you to generate a statement based on the first few letters:

  • Go to ReSharper - Templates Explorer (in ReSharper 6)
  • In the Live Templates section, click the New Template button
  • Provide a name for the shortcut, eg vc

    . Write a description if desired.
  • In the main text area, enter: $prefix$.Volumeclass

  • Save and exit template explorer

Now you can enter the code vc

and then the name of the class that has the property.

Hope it helps.



You can put classes in a common namespace. Then, after entering a period following the namespace name, a list of classes should appear. After selecting the class, you still need to add the property Volumeclass


I wouldn't restructure your namespace hierarchy specifically for this purpose, but it might be a good option if classes need to be grouped logically. If the namespace name is long, you can add with the alias directive (for example using Prods = MyCompany.MyProject.Products;




You must first enter the class name

AClass.<now the list of static members appears>


Note that there are tens of thousands of classes in the .NET Framework class library. Do you want millions of members to appear automatically?



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