How do I create OpenStack compatible images?

I have two OpenStack Diablo clusters node. I tried to run a small tty-Linux Image and it worked without issue.

In my naivety, I have now tried to get my own OpenSuse images that I created with OpenSuse Studio. I've tried .vmdk and .raw works with:

glance add name = "My-raw" is_public = true container_format = bare disk_format = raw </cloud/images/My_Appliance.raw

dashboard run or euca-run instances ...

I am using qemu as libvirt_type. The instances will show up as running, but I cannot get them to run and there will be no console output, so let's assume they are not running correctly. / var / log / nova / nova -compute.log and / var / log / libvirt / qemu / instance-xx.log show no errors.

Is it even possible to run these images without a kernel and ramdisk? If not, how do I get / generate them?


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With libvirt you should be able to run raw or qcow2 images, you don't need a kernel or ramdisk. Try testing with one of the Ubuntu cloud images QCOW2 (e.g. oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img)

See also the Image Management chapter in the OpenStack Compute Administrator's Guide. This chapter provides information on where to obtain images and how to create them.



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