IPad Retina development

If I currently have an ipad app that supports ios 5.0

, how can I combine my graphics to fit on ipad 3

and off ios 5.1


I've been looking through these apple docs but I haven't found anything about converting 5.0

to 5.1

. Any hints ?

I just want to use high resolution graphics. My current graphics are pixelated on the simulator 5.1




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You will need to update your apps with @ 2x versions of iPad graphics assets at a minimum. So for MyImage.png, you need a double-sized version called MyImage@2x.png. If you have a universal app and say the following 3 images for iPhone, iPhone Retina and iPad:

  • MyImage.png
  • MyImage@2x.png
  • MyImage ~ ipad.png

you will need to create MyImage @ 2x ~ ipad.png.

I think I am right. Maybe in this case, iPhone images will have ~ iphone in their names, but I don't think that's a requirement. (I admit this, but not a requirement).



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