Testing JavaScript that best integrates into the Maven build lifecycle

I want to represent JS testing in a project and I want to choose between Jasmine or QUnit (or something third, I may have missed the best one) and would like to know which one integrates better with Maven:

  • which can provide more useful config options in the pom project?
  • which can be included in a Maven dependency and will be available in some public repository?
  • which has a more active community (e.g. not the Jasmine project community but the Jasmine Maven plugin project community)?

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I am currently watching the same thing. Obviously Jasmine has tight integration (which is what it is for), while I haven't found any other solution for testing maven js. I came across this post on how to integrate QUnit directly with Maven.

Haven't played with it yet so don't know if it provides test statistics (run / fail / error), but you can always extract this from QUnit in other ways.



Didn't you read the Jasmine website there you will find plugin docs and configuration information.



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