Finding the source of the NullReferenceException in the ShowDialog () method

It's in WPF (C #).

I am trying to find which object is throwing a NullReferenceException when I call the ShowDialog () method on a Window object. The code is similar to this:

MyWindow myWindow = new MyWindow();
//Some properties of myWindows are set here
catch (Exception) //In here I catch a NullReferenceException



Is there a way to find the reason for the exception? I put a breakpoint at the very beginning of the Window_Loaded event handler in the MyWindow class, but it just doesn't fire.


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Go to Debug> Exceptions and check the Thrown checkbox for common language runtime exceptions (or more specifically, if you prefer, a NullReferenceException is deeper in the tree structure)

Then run and the debugger will catch the exception on the line it was posted on.



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