How do I split this perl file?

How can I delete a Perl file bleached with PAR :: Packer :: Bleach ? The whitening algorithm is described in this Stack Overflow answer , however I cannot make a working script to unlock / deobfuscate. Has anyone done this?

EDIT - FIXED: Print is in use and it works. What was the problem that bothered me? He was bleached 2 times !!! The bleached file has been bleached. So the double unbleach worked!


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PAR :: Packer :: Bleach uses an algorithm similar to Acme :: Bleach.

Here is a discussion of Acme :: Bleach that might help you.

As one poster says: "Basically Acme :: Bleach converts the content of the code to a bit-string of spaces and tabs on first launch, and then broadcasts the bitrate on subsequent runs and runs the code."

So, yes, it should be completely reversible.



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