Meta tag redirection stuck in browser cache

I recently started working with a client with an index.html file with this in my head:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; url=">


I removed this file and added my own index.php file, but mine is completely ignored because the redirect html page seems to be cached by the browser. I know how to get rid of this for me, but is there a way to make the redirect not show up? This will be in many user caches, as well as mine.

For the record, I don't configure my redirects this way due to this exact issue. I've been dealing with someone else's code for a long time.

So, am I lucky until the user caches are cleared or expire? Or can I do something, perhaps with .htaccess, to fix this issue?

WordPress will eventually be used in this project.


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Use .htaccess to redirect to another page that does not define a cache for the site and then redirects back to the original index file that was cached.



Have you tried this?

<META HTTP-EQUIV="cache-control" CONTENT="no-cache">




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