Redundant symbols generated by ColdFusion Query / output

I have a weird issue with ColdFusion / SQL Query output. The actual data is generating as expected, but at the bottom of the page, it outputs "Library / Library / Library / Library / Library / Library / Library / Library" for whatever reason I can discern.

It always outputs it in exactly that format, always 8 times, no matter how many terms I search, how many records are returned, or how much text is generated after grouping.

This does not happen on all pages, but it looks like it does on every page in the site that fetches a query from this database ...

I'm lost. Code below, live page is here:

<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="yes" showdebugoutput="no">
<!--- Custom Hachette page ---> 
<cfset todayDate = Now()>
<!--- Link to Style Sheets --->

<img style="margin:auto" src=""></br>
<cfoutput>  #MonthAsString(Month(Now()))# </cfoutput> Releases</br></br>
<cfquery name="GetProductBasicInfo" datasource="#Request.Application.PowerWeb.datasource#" dbtype="odbc">
    SELECT product.ProductID, productmarket.imprint, product.IsbnUpc, product.Title, product.FullTitle, product.SubTitle, product.PubDate, product.SKU, productmarket.descriptionshort, productmarket.productform, productmarket.NoOfPieces, productmarket.productmarketid
    FROM Product, ProductMarket
    WHERE product.productid = productmarket.productid AND product.IsbnUpc LIKE '%61113%' AND product.PubDate BETWEEN '<cfoutput>#DatePart("m", todayDate)#</cfoutput>/01/<cfoutput>#DatePart("yyyy", todayDate)#</cfoutput>' AND '<cfoutput>#DatePart("m", todayDate)#</cfoutput>/31/<cfoutput>#DatePart("yyyy", todayDate)#</cfoutput>'    
    ORDER BY product.FullTitle ASC

<cfoutput query="GetProductBasicInfo" Group="FullTitle">
<table width="90%" border="0" style="margin-top:15px;">
    <td><p><a href=""> 
            <cfif #FullTitle# eq ''> <div class="title"> #Title# </div> 
                <cfelse> <div class="title">#FullTitle# </div> </a> 
            <cfif #descriptionshort# neq ''> #descriptionshort# </cfif>
    <td width="30%"><a href=""> <img src=""></a></td>




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I actually solved this by accident by trying to click "/ Library" on the page. It turns out that the cfsettings tag embedded in the request / output disables content without cfoutput. The guy who built the footer relied on inheritance "enablecfoutputonly = 'false" and this code changed that. Everything from the footer of the site was hidden, except for the section of each URL that was generated by cfoutput. Yes, if anyone else has this or a similar problem check your cfsettings tag and make sure you are disabled



Go to cfadmin and disable request caching. Restart the CF service. Voila! ... no more additional data.



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