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I am trying to set the backColor of a textbox like this:

txtCompanyName.BackColor = Drawing.Color.WhiteSmoke;


It doesn't like it because it wants me to add System in front, for example:

txtCompanyName.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.WhiteSmoke;


This now works, but it annoys me that I have to type System. I am referencing the system at the top of my code using System; Shouldn't that do the trick, so I don't need to type the system before drawing, not sure why I still need to type System, does anyone know?


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In C #, you cannot specify a type name using a partial namespace. In C #, the name should be

  • Fully qualified name, including full namespace or namespace alias
  • Type name only

The part Drawing


is an incomplete namespace and therefore illegal as a type name. You either need to add a prefix System

or add using System.Drawing

and change the type name toColor.WhiteSmoke

Alternatively, you can create an alias for the namespace System.Drawing

named Drawing


using Drawing = System.Drawing;


It is legal to use an alias as the start of a type name in C #.



Easily fixed:

using Drawing = System.Drawing;


txtCompanyName.BackColor = Drawing.Color.WhiteSmoke;




The using statement imports types that are in the specified namespace; this does not include child namespaces.

If you really wanted to, you could use the following line:

using Drawing = System.Drawing;


which will allow you to refer to the System.Drawing namespace as "Drawing". This is probably not the best solution. Indeed, you should simply use:

using System.Drawing;


your line will look like this:

txtCompanyName.BackColor = Color.WhiteSmoke;


if you need to disambiguate between System.Drawing.Color and some other Color class (e.g. Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Color) you can use strings like this:

using XNAColor = Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Color;
using WinColor = System.Drawing.Color;


then your line:

txtCompanyName.BackColor = WinColor.WhiteSmoke;




You are using the system, but you are not using System.Drawing. Add using System.Drawing;

your operators to the rest.



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