Does the XCode4 version editor have Select Right and Select Left?

There are only two questions in the Apple Version Editor help, "Comparing file versions with a timeline" and "Comparing file versions with jump bars", neither of which describe a way to go back or add specific changes to the current version of a file or create a merge file from the pair being compared.

I cannot find any controls, menu items, or context menu items that seem useful. The "Copy original changes" context element seems promising, but what it does is fill the insert buffer with a diff script for the selected change. Pasting it into another file doesn't do anything useful, you just enter the diff script embedded in the file.

Many of us have found that Apple Filemerge looks a little odd and inconsistent, but at least it has a mechanism to select the changes to accept or reject in the final file.

And, of course, the P4 merge tool is unusually sluggish and weird, but it also provided a merge mechanism.

Perhaps the question I should be asking is, "Is there a good way to commit changes to the Xcode / Git workflow?"


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To select Select Right and Select Left in Xcode, you need to merge. Select File> Source Control> Merge. When you do a merge, a sheet opens with both versions of the file. There is a radio button next to each difference where you can select the version to use.

If you want to undo changes to a file, select the file in the project navigator, right-click, and select Source Control> Undo Changes.



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