Why am I getting http 500.0 error when launching IIs-express from folder?

I am trying to run iis-express command tool from folder:

iis-express /path:. /trace.


I have admin rights and my folder only contains the index.html file. when I try to do it this way, all I get is HTTP Error 500.0. If I try to open the folder with webmatrix then run the website, it works though, any suggestions? where can i read the logs on my windows 7 computer?


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IIS Express (iisexpress.exe) does not expand the current directory when transferring '.' as a value for / path switch. Instead of "." Specify the full path to the content directory.

iisexpress.exe /path:<full-path-to-content-directory>


You can find the logs in the% userprofile% \ documents \ iisexpress \ folder (in the 'logs' and 'TraceLogFiles' folders). Note. When iisexpress.exe is run from the command line, it will be named Development Website.



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