The systray progress bar is not displayed only on the panorama page

I am using Jeff Wilcox's solution for a global progress bar . Everything connected is simple and works great except for the panoramic page I have. The problem is that the progress bar is not shown at all, and only on this page.

All of my calls that go through my data service are using the same wrapper that installs IsLoading = true

, so I verified that this works. I also added there Thread.Sleep

to make sure the call wasn't just returning too quickly before setting IsLoading = false


Is there something else in the panorama control that will hide it? I was setting the background for the image, but I pulled it and made sure the main grid background was set to transparent just in case.

Is there anything else that needs to be set in the xaml to make sure this is visible?

* Please note that this is not the old PerformanceProgressBar control


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Yes, there is something in XAML and you can kick yourself if you don't have it (happened to me a few times), check this property:



Also make sure you have room to display on your progress bar. The progress bar takes up 32 pixels from the top, so generally speaking, you only want your content to be 768 pixels high.

I believe that by default when creating a Panorama page using visual studio, the height is set to 800 and SystemTray.IsVisible is set to false.



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