Can I override and subclass the template type as a superclass

Can I override and subclass the template type as a superclass.

I am a Java programmer and this works well with generics, but I am not familiar with how much to do in C ++

Can I use the class

template <typename T>
class A{
    T get(){
        return t;
    void set(T tt){
    T t;


And expand it with something like

class B:A<B> 


Where subclass B is used as a generic type for class A and no generics are required for class B


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Basically, the use of templates is called Curiously Repeating Template Pattern (CRTP) and is perfectly correct.

However, keep in mind that Java templates and C ++ templates are very different at very many points, including the restrictions on the use of B in A. Derived CRTP classes are incomplete when instantiating the template, so you cannot allocate any objects of them in the base class like you. This is why your code won't compile . The usual method is to use accessor methods like:

 void set(T tt){







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