Compile opencv2.3.1 in ubuntu 11.10

Here is the tutorial I followed: -python-support /
I think the problem is ffmpeg, the version I was using is 0.8.10 and I installed it in / usr and enabled sharing, but when I ran opencv the result was filled in

./../lib/ undefined reference to av_codec_get_id' ../../lib/ undefined reference to

av_seek_frame '
../../lib/ undefined reference to `avpicture_get_size


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Thanks to @karlphillip and @ Appleman1234 I finally got my problem resolved. The switch removes the / release directory containing the cmake information and recompiles from scratch, i.e. Mkdir./release, cd./release, cmake, make and make install. BTW, ffmpeg requires 0.8+ and mine requires 0.8.1.



Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH as well as the location where you installed ffmpeg.

Learn more about the steps see. Here .



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