Pvrtextool cl does not generate standard header

I am using the latest pvrtextoolCL that I downloaded today.

The problem is that it does not create the same header as the apple texturetool, or the one in which it is found in the online documentation. If I use legacy save in gui tool it works, but I need command line tool parameters.

Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?


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If the Legacy Save As option works for you, your code is processing the version 2 texture PVR header. The latest PVRTexTool and PVRTexToolCL use the version 3 version 3 header format.

If you want the command line, you can either

A) use -pvrlegacy as command line argument

B) Use the texture tool provided by Apple with Xcode to compress your textures.

C) Update your code to parse the PVD version 3 texture header

Version 2 PVR texture header

typedef struct _PVRTexHeader
    uint32_t headerLength;
    uint32_t height;
    uint32_t width;
    uint32_t numMipmaps;
    uint32_t flags;
    uint32_t dataLength;
    uint32_t bpp;
    uint32_t bitmaskRed;
    uint32_t bitmaskGreen;
    uint32_t bitmaskBlue;
    uint32_t bitmaskAlpha;
    uint32_t pvrTag;
    uint32_t numSurfs;
} PVRTexHeader;


Version 3 PVR texture header

typedef struct _PVRTexHeaderV3{
    uint32_t    version;            
    uint32_t    flags;          
    uint64_t    pixelFormat;        
    uint32_t    colourSpace;        
    uint32_t    channelType;        
    uint32_t    height;         
    uint32_t    width;          
    uint32_t    depth;          
    uint32_t    numSurfaces;        
    uint32_t    numFaces;       
    uint32_t    numMipmaps;     
    uint32_t    metaDataSize;   
} PVRTexHeaderV3;


If you want to parse the version 3 texture header, go to PowerVR SDK with:


And look at the header PVRTTexture.h. It will have all enums to define flags and additional structures for metadata. The SDK also has sample code for reading a file and loading it into OpenGL.



In addition to @Snickers' handy post, here the GistHub noticed that for adding PVRv3. This is for Cocos2D, but it looks like it is mostly taken from the PVR SDK?




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