Why does Eclipse only offer "Rename to File"?

If i write

somethingSomething = 2;

where somethingSomething is undefined, Eclipse only suggests "Rename to file".

This only happens for one particular file, and that particular file has a .java extension, just like all other files in which Eclipse is more than willing to do something with a field or something. What could I have done to cause this?


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My advice is not to worry about it.

  • Eclipse is a huge and complex application and has a lot of weird behaviors that could be called bugs ... if you wanted to be picky.

  • Things like bug fixing and completion are necessarily heuristic. There is no way that Eclipse can predict with 100% accuracy what you actually mean ... and therefore suggest the most appropriate correction.



It looks like what you get if you open a file outside of the workspace. Eclipse will highlight the syntax, but it won't actually check for errors, complete syntax, etc.



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