Prevent the last component of the LWUIT form from being lost when the down arrow key is pressed

I have lwuit Form

to which I added a Container

. Container

has TextArea

some RadioButtons

and finally another one Container

that has some Buttons


1) TextArea

2) RadioButtons

3) Another Container

with someButtons

Now if the focus is on my last Container

one Form

and I press the down arrow key, focus goes to the first component TextArea


Likewise, if the focus is on my first Container

one Form


, and I press the up arrow key, focus goes to the last component Form


This is very annoying. How can I prevent this?

So, focus on the first Container



... I want the focus to remain on TextArea

even though the up arrow key is pressed.


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You can solve this problem using the method Form

setCyclicFocus(boolean cyclicFocus)

. Just put this value on false

. So useForm.setCyclicFocus(false)



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