Android Chat For private session for users (development workflow)

I am developing Android Application

for Chat

between two users like private session


Android app will be Android 2.0 and above

If any user wants to chat, he can enter any email into the chat, and the session between the two users will be closed and can be stored in the database.
The other user should not be watching the private session.
if any answer about android app where it will connect to web server

(php) then it would be helpful for me to understand.
So if anyone knows how the thread develops, please suggest here.

Please do not suggest IRC Chat

where all users are combined into one open template.


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This is a link to the Android chat application for a private session and is most suitable for users who want to use the Internet with Android. where any user can register or subscribe and then get a list of friends with database access for Android and easily send messages to friends in a private session, the chat can be turned off. this function more includes sending a request and accepting / rejecting a request.



You can use XMPP server and use for example android asmack library .

Android App Tutorials:

There are several different servers. For example, OpenFire.



If you think what you want is an XMPP server with a client to encrypt the client.

The following are the XMPP server options:

Here is a discussion of the various XMPP libraries for use with Android: Android and XMPP: Currently Available Solutions

As far as encryption goes, it looks like you want to emulate what OTR does (for pidgin). Here's how the protocol works:

You can also get the source code here: (warning: the code is written in C)



You can do this in node.js very easily, and if you need some already implemented code you can use this .

If you find it insufficient, you can easily extend it with minimal effort and not use php for it. This is not a design for this kind of work. Node is best suited for this. Just run the code and connect to it using the Android app.

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