The camera is not released sometimes after reinstalling the app

I am developing a camera app. I have sometimes tried to reinstall the application when it is in the foreground. During the installation process, the app will be killed rather onPause()

than invoked, in which I stop the preview and free the camera resource. Under normal conditions, the system will automatically close and release the camera and I got the following log.

03-14 15:48:36.316: E/CameraHardwareSec(83): Could not dequeue gralloc buffer!
03-14 15:48:36.316: I/CameraHardwareSec(83): int android::CameraHardwareSec::previewThreadWrapper(): calling mSecCamera->stopPreview() and waiting
03-14 15:48:36.363: I/CameraHardwareSec(83): int android::CameraHardwareSec::previewThreadWrapper(): return from wait
03-14 15:48:36.363: I/CameraHardwareSec(83): int android::CameraHardwareSec::previewThreadWrapper(): exiting
03-14 15:48:36.363: W/SecCamera(83): int android::SecCamera::stopPreview(): doing nothing because m_flag_camera_start is zero
03-14 15:48:36.363: W/SecCamera(83): int android::SecCamera::stopRecord(): doing nothing because m_flag_record_start is zero
03-14 15:48:36.363: I/SecCamera(83): DeinitCamera: m_cam_fd(29)
03-14 15:48:36.371: I/SecCamera(83): DeinitCamera: m_cam_fd2(30)
03-14 15:48:36.386: E/CameraHardwareSec(83): preview window is NULL!
03-14 15:48:36.386: I/CameraService(83): Destroying camera 0
03-14 15:48:36.386: I/CameraHardwareSec(83): int android::HAL_camera_device_close(hw_device_t*)
03-14 15:48:36.386: I/SecCamera(83): DeinitCamera : already deinitialized
03-14 15:48:36.390: W/AudioFlinger(83): session id 89 not found for pid 83
03-14 15:48:36.394: W/AudioFlinger(83): session id 90 not found for pid 83


However, sometimes the log data was not printed. And I think that means that the camera was not released. Therefore, when the application has restarted, a runtime exception " failed to connect to camera service

" is thrown when trying to open the camera .

Does anyone know why the system didn't release the camera when she was killed.


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Have you added permissions to the manifest file?

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />
 <uses-feature android:name="" />
 <uses-feature android:name="" />




Maybe try putting cam.release () in onDestroy instead of onPause method? I don't know if it helps, but it does. what I'd like to see if he fixes it.



Do not allow users to use the camera when the computer runs out of memory. You don't want your application to freeze when android kills processes.



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