IsUserAdmin semantics in AppEngine

Calling the UserServiceFactory.getUserService () function . isUserAdmin () returns a Boolean value indicating whether the user is an administrator for this application. What does it mean?

  • user is a google apps admin domain used for authentication?

  • Does the user own the app at

  • something else?

I don't know the javadoc ....

isUserAdmin boolean isUserAdmin ()

Returns true if the user making this request is the administrator for this application; otherwise, false. Throws: java.lang.IllegalStateException - if the current user is not logged in.


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I think this means that the user is a user added from anyone on

enter image description here

Role details here

Also, anyone who is added as an administrator in the application console, if running on your own domain, is considered an administrator by me.



Go to the toolbar of your application, under "Application → Permission". I believe isUserAdmin () will return true if the user is logged into this page with one of the roles.

More information in the official docs about roles .



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