Vcredist_x86: install.res.????.dll message appears

Our setup runs vcredist_x86.exe with the / qb switch to keep it silent . This works on all of our test systems, but unfortunately the installation still shows a message on the client computer.

Take a look at the image below - does anyone guess or know the origin of this post? I couldn't find anything here and on Google, someone said this is happening in Windows XP English (which the client has) but not German.

InnoSetup has full administrator rights and lauches vcredist_x86.exe version 9.0.21022.8 under [Run]. Our application is not written in VC, but uses the GAUSS runtime engine that is.

While InnoSetup's 'Finishing installation ...' is shown, the message install.res.????.dll comes up


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I had the same problem: I tried to install vcredist_x86 with a non-OS language (Windows 2003 Eng and vncredist Rus), when I download vcredist with the correct language, it installs successfully.

Also, you can see the installation log in% TEMP% \ dd_vcredist * .txt In my case it said:

[06/29/12,13:10:31] ========== Logging started ==========
[06/29/12,13:10:31] =====================================
[06/29/12,13:10:31] Failed to set lang to requested lang code 1033
[06/29/12,13:10:31] Failed to set lang to OS language 1033
[06/29/12,13:10:31] ***ERROR EVENT*** : Failed last resort to set lang to ENU - no resources
[06/29/12,13:10:36] =========== Logging ended ===========
[06/29/12,13:10:36] =====================================




Just for the record, because I landed on this page looking for a solution:

I had to download the SP1 version of the executable available here .

This link might also be helpful.



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