Alpha CSS color for images?

A few weeks ago I remember seeing a page on the Internet about the ability to replace colored areas of an image by applying a color mask and making them transparent.

For example, for a logo image over white, the ability to turn white transparent by applying a new css property.

I can't find anything about it, maybe it was just a guy suggesting new features for CSS3 or a vendor specific property.

I'm throwing this here just in case someone knows what I'm talking about and can talk about it.


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Sorry for misusing your question.

You can always try to load the image into html5 canvas, loop through the image and change the alpha channel to 0 or 255 based on the correct rg & b combination. Here's what you need to get started:



I found a way to add an opacity level to the web :

<img src="image.png" class="opacity30" />  


For this we need to add this class to our CSS file. It looks like this...

 .opacity30 { filter:alpha(opacity=30);
 -khtml-opacity: 0.3; opacity: 0.3; }



I find this link that you might find helpful. On this page, explain how to add an image mask to the img tag.



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