How to configure apache jmeter 2.6 oauth 2.0

I need to execute tests using jmeter for oauth 2.0 secure API. I found the following plugin

I was able to successfully install it, but now I'm stuck writing tests. No documentation available. Does anyone know how to use the plugin?



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Is your problem with the JMeter OAuth Sampler - or with the OAuth protocol testing strategy itself?

What's wrong with the JMeter OAuth Sampler guide on the plugin site?

Beware only that the sampler might not work or work incorrectly with Jmeter 2.5.x / 2.6 - see related issue .
You can also use OAuth Test Client for additional validation.

Again, use the OAuth Test Client with any HTTP parser ( HttpFox is a good one) to explore interactions using the OAuth protocol - in this case, the OAuth Test Server .

Here you will find a description of all interaction steps that are easily displayed on the sampler in the image in the JMeter OAuth Sampler tutorial:

  • Receiving a request token (probe "Authentication" in the picture). Here's where you should extract oauth_token

    and oauth_token_secret

    from a successful answer for future reference in the OAuth Sampler:


    The matching extractors are displayed as children of the sampler authentication.

  • Obtaining an access token ("Token verification")
  • Get data ("Get data" OAuth Sampler in the picture).

Find protocol flow and specification here .

Here ${oauth_token}

and ${token_secret}

are extracted from the 1st response of the sampler.



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