Convert list (array) to associative array in PHP

I want to convert a PHP list (array), i.e.

array("start", "end", "coords")


into an associative array with the right values ​​(just to quickly check for the presence / absence of a key), that is, something like this:

    "start" => 1,
    "end" => 1,
    "coords" => 1


Is there a more elegant way to do this than this?

array_fill_keys($ar, 1)



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There is probably no more elegant solution than array_fill_keys($ar, 1)




This feature is called array_flip


Executing array_flip

in an array and then using isset

it turned out to be much faster than it was in_array

for me.

But note that this is only useful if you intend to search the array multiple times.



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