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This was the day I am trying to run the "java" command on the server that has java5 jre installed. The problem is that I always get

Error: Could not find Error: Could not find Java Runtime 2.

even if I run it from the install directory, / usr / lib / java 1.5 / jre / bin. I can see that is in the .. / jre / lib / amd 64 directory, but not sure why not get it. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



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A very strange error. I noticed that you are using a 64 bit OS. Found a link that talks about an issue between older versions of Java and 64-bit OS. Java 1.5 was released in 2004, and 64-bit processors were introduced only to the computer market in 2003. This could be the likely culprit.

For posterity (in case of deleting the page):

This issue is related to installing old JDKs on 64 bit Linux systems. When a java command is executed in a shell, in general you will receive this error message:

Error: Cannot find

To fix this problem, just edit 3 files located in the JDK installation directory and be happy

  • $ JAVA_HOME / bin / .java_wrapper
  • $ JAVA_HOME / JRE / bin / .java_wrapper
  • $ JAVA_HOME / JRE / bin / Realpath

All these 3 files have a similar code snippet as shown below:

case "`uname -m`" in
    i[3-6]86 | ia32 | ia64 | i?86)


Edit each file and include the x86_64 architecture in the first case-statement and the problem will be fixed:

    i[3-6]86 | ia32 | ia64 | i?86 | x86_64)




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