Editing tape hardware for Windows for Informix

This applies to the Informix database.

I downloaded Informix Developer Edition to my computer.

I imported a database from one of my other servers into my local database (worked great). I also created DBspace.

I need to enable the transaction log for my database, but I don't know what " Please mount tape \\.TAPE01

" means . If I hit 'enter', it gives the error " Archive failed - function open tape device \\.\TAPE0 failed code -1 errno -1


Can anyone help me on this please?


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How are your TAPEDEV


are set to [INFORMIXDIR]\etc\onconfig.[DBSERVER]


If you don't need to make a backup, you can install them on NUL




otherwise you can create a directory for example d:\ifmxback\

and set for them:

TAPEDEV     d:\ifmxback\TAPE0   # Tape device path
LTAPEDEV    d:\ifmxback\TAPE1   # Log tape device path




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