Colon inside a Javascript function in a loop

I poked fun at some HTML5 Javascript demos and came across something that I had never seen in syntax before. Take a look at the trigger function and notice how the lookup denotes an object in the while loop . Interesting lines include 15 and 18. Can anyone explain this syntax?

function run() {
  var n = 1;
  search: while (running) {
    n += 1;
    for (var i = 2; i <= Math.sqrt(n); i += 1)
      if (n % i == 0)
       continue search;
    // found a prime!


(taken from here code )


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This is not object (literal) notation, it defineslabel


A label

can be used to create a loop to create a name. The advantage of this is that you can create more powerful ones breaks;

or continues;

by referencing outer paths (by their labels).

Note that the structure of the program you mentioned is:

search: while () {
   for (;;;) {



... and the author uses it continue search;

inside the loop for

to continue executing the while loop.

As for what happens on line 18, if (n % i == 0)

uses modulo ( %

to get the remainder of the division n / i

and check if it's 0.




is a label in this case that you can use to refer to this loop.

For example, you can break this loop by doing break search;



Since no one answered both of your questions.

search: while

, here search

is a label that helps to uniquely identify the while loop, which, as mentioned, helps when used break

and / or continue

inside nested loops.

Line 18 (n % i ===0)

Basically searches for an odd number using the modulo operator .



It is a label mainly used in nested loops to break / continue a specific loop marked with that label. This is the standard for every programming language, not javascript. Read more here under "Using Labels for Flow Control"



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