Flash Backup HTML5 MP3 Player that REALLY runs on Blackberry webpages

I've tested many HTML5 Flash Fallback MP3 players in the last month and none works on Blackberry phones (i.e. below OS 7.0 because OS 7 already has some HTML5 support). Do you know anything?

The closest I've gotten so far is to play, but then the flash never responds when you try to pause or stop it.

PS I've wasted S / O messages and tried various suggestions, to no avail on BLACKBERRY phone webpages. I don't like duplicating as much as the next guy.


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Do I need to have a FLASH backup ? As jPlayer seems to have good java intentions and works in HTML5. This is open source too, so I suppose it might have a forked version of Flash? (just a question, who uses blackberries the most?)





Try Yahoo! WebPlayer . I haven't tried this on blackberry, but I've had luck with it on all other devices I've tested. I believe he used html5 if he can, and has flash fallback if he can't use html5. Hope this works for you. If not, sorry and good luck!



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