Flash Builder 4.6 linked Resources not working with ANE and Certs

I have a problem with linked resources in Flash Builder. I work in a team environment where we use Linked Resources extensively. We just started developing ANE and noticed that while linkedResources are used in libraryPathEntry, in buildTargets such as anePathEntry and airCertificatePath the absolute path is stored. I tried to edit the .actionScriptProperties files directly by changing the absolute buildtarget paths to the associated resource equivalents using the libraryPathEntry as a guide, but FlashBuilder complained when loading the project.

Is there a way to force buildTargets to respect relatedResources and not store the absolute path? I am trying to avoid the draconian way of having all developers have the same directory structure.




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My team had this exact problem and all attempts to fix it using relative paths or workspace macros (ie $ {PROJECT_LOC}) have failed. It seems that the Flash Builder team neglected to support relative paths in these specific dialogs, even though they were supported elsewhere.

Here's what we did to fix this issue. I assume you are on Mac / Linux or the like. If not, the concept can still be applied here.

Most of our projects already have a "customized" bash script that developers run when they receive the code. Inside this script, we simply create a pair of symbolic links from the user's absolute path to a new absolute path with the "common" user. The script first creates the directory if it doesn't exist and then creates symbolic links.

sudo mkdir -p /Users/common/<project>/
sudo ln -f -h -s ~/path/to/certificate/dir /Users/common/<project>/certificates


Obviously, you can use what you like and what makes sense for the overall path.

Now in your .actionScriptProperties file, you can change the location pointed to by provisingFile and airCertificatePath to this new generic absolute path.

<buildTarget ... provisioningFile="/Users/common/<project>/certificates/provisionfile.mobileprovision" ... >
<airSettings airCertificatePath="/Users/common/<project>/certificates/cert.p12" ... >


In fact, we take it even further (and I suspect you will need it too)) and create generic symlink paths for the ANE files themselves. This also changes the anePathEntry to a generic path.

<anePathEntry path="/Users/common/<project>/anes/some.ane"/>


  • You will need to make sure that you either manually edit the .actionScriptProperties file directly or enter the full symlink path in the dialog directly. Any attempt to use the Finder dialog that Flash Builder launched to navigate to files in a shared location resulted in symlinks being automatically resolved to their actual locations.
  • The script requires sudo, which I'm sure you know will require its users to know their root password. Perhaps some more bash experienced people can suggest a way around sudo if that's not an option for you.
  • This will work for Android too, and I believe. I don't know if this matters to you or not.

Hope this helps!



It looks like this issue was caused by known issues in Flash Builder 4.6:



The error appears to have been fixed, but I haven't been able to test the new Flash Builder 4.7 yet:




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