Eclipse CDT: Skip make / build before Debug / Run

I am debugging a large C project based on a Makefile that takes 15 seconds to run "make" even if no changes are made to the sources. This means that whenever I restart the program, I have to wait 15 seconds before I can even start debugging.

The project was imported via "Import as Existing Project with Makefile" and I use gdb for the debugger.

I want it to run the executable that was last created when I run it again. How do I disable this extra build step (ie Run "make") before each run / debug?

(On the rare occasion that I actually change the source, I am willing to do a manual build / make)


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On the main tab of the debug configuration there is a switch "Disable automatic build"



Project - Disabling Autobuild does not always mean autoplay is disabled. For example, the test automation plugin "Makegood" starts auto-processing when Preferences - run / debug - run - (general choice). Pre-run build is enabled. So disable it if manual assembly is required.



In current Eclipse builds such as Oxygen.3, the option to disable automatic builds has been moved to Preferences -> Run / Debug -> Launching, and here "Build (if required) before launch" under General options. Apparently there is no differentiation between doing this just for debugging, generally applies to both regular and debug runs.



You can turn off the compilation step if the project has not changed, but still want eclipse to compile it differently:

Window> Preferences> C / C ++> Build> "Build configurations only when Eclipse resources change ..."



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