GWT MVP refreshes history token without changing activity

my problem is this: I have an MVP GWT application with a table that displays datasets. There are several hundred datasets, so I decided to split the table into 20 results. I am loading each page from the server using a GWT-RPC service that receives a pagenumber argument.

Now I want to do the following: I want to save the page of the table that the user sees in the history token (so the token will be something like TablePlace: page = 5), but I don't want to create a new action, because then the state of other elements (for example , there is a TreeView), work control will be lost. In my case all the TreeView items are closed, which is not what I want.

If I don't launch new locations, the user cannot use the browser's return button to return to the page they visited before.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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You will send a regular PlaceController


one to move to a different location, but ActivityMapper

you will return the same instance Activity

as before. In this particular case, ActivityManager

does not stop / start the activity, but instead allows it to start its own life (without even signaling that the location has changed, and if you want to, then report it ActivityMapper



before returning it).

You can also find FilteredActivityMapper

and CachingActivityMapper

return the same activity in several different locations without putting the load on your own cartographer.



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