Android Facebook API - example

I would like to develop and use an application that posts a link on the usage wall I followed this Android Tutorial Facebook

But I could not run the application because Step 4: Add link to Facebook SDK, I cannot add Facebook library I tried to use Android 3.0 API + Eclipse Is there any other tutorial I can use, write links Relations


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To use facebook as a library, you need to not only add your facebook project to

property project> android> library,

but also to add facebook project to

project property> Java build path> projects> add.

I believe the facebook tutorial missed adding the facebook project to the Java build path

and it made me look for a solution for hours.

I hope this is your business too. good luck



I am guessing that you cannot add facebook sdk library to your project because you may not have imported the project to your workspace (check the "copy to workspace" checkbox) when importing the facebookSDK project.

Steps to add a library to your project 1. Enter the project properties 2. Click the Android tab in the window that opens. 3.Speak down, you will see the option to add a library, click "add" and then select the facebookSdk project



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