Does TQuery.Unprepare terminate the query result in Delphi?

I wonder if Delphi calls



implicitly closes Query1 if it was previously active. Such, for example, the call "Next" will not be executed.

You can say, just go ahead and try, but I did it on a Windows 7 64-bit system and had all the problems with it until finally my BDE admin is completely broken. So I decided to just ask these questions before I start figuring out how I can get BDE to work on my system; -)


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You cannot use Prepare

/ Unprepare

on an open dataset. you need to close it first.

unit DBTables;
procedure TQuery.SetPrepared(Value: Boolean);
  if Handle <> nil then DatabaseError(SDataSetOpen, Self);
  // SDataSetOpen = 'Cannot perform this operation on an open dataset';




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