Can't create Virtualenv on Android

I just installed Python2.7 on my Android tablet using BotBrew . Python works fine and I was able to install Setuptools via egg and install Pip via setuptools. Pip works well and I was able to install yolk and Django. They seem to work fine, so I think the basic Python setup is good.

I was able to install the virtual virtual machine, but the problem starts when I try to create a new virtual environment. The error I am getting:

ERROR: The executable venv / bin / python could not be run: [Errno 13] Permission denied.

When I look in venv / bin / the only file created is "python" and not all the others that are usually in this directory. I get permission when I try to run this python file even after I manually chmod + x on it.

I am trying to create a virtualenv on my SD card which is FAT32. I suspect symbolic links are not working due to the file system format.

I found this possible bug in Virtualenv on Launchpad .

Can anyone suggest a way to solve this problem?


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