Prototype inheritance and extension of existing objects

var Editor = {};

Editor.Basic = function(obj) {
    this.config ={
        value: obj

Editor.Basic.prototype = {
    getValue: function() {
        return this.config.value;

Editor.Advanced = function(obj) {, obj);

Editor.Advanced.prototype = {
    config: {
        notValue: !this.config.value

var extendByPrototype = function(obj1, obj2) {
    for (var key in obj2.prototype) {
        if (obj2.prototype.hasOwnProperty(key) && obj1.prototype[key] === undefined)
            obj1.prototype[key] = obj2.prototype[key];

extendByPrototype(Editor.Advanced, Editor.Basic);



Is there anyway to extend existing objects (recursively of course) instead of overriding them? (As seen from extendByPrototype


I know I would check obj1.prototype[key] !== undefined

, but I'm not sure what I need to do to extend existing keys in a generic way without moving config

from Editor.Advanced.prototype

to the constructor and using a push



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The correct way to extend an object in JavaScript is using Object.create(prototype)

. Objects created this way will inherit correctly. To get a prototype of any object, you will use Object.getPrototypeOf(object)



is new in JavaScript 1.8.5. If you are looking for backward compatibility you will have to use the non-standard way

function extend(child, supertype) {  
  child.prototype.__proto__ = supertype.prototype;  

extend(Animal, Lifeform);  
extend(Plant, Lifeform);  

var anOnion = new Plant();  


After that, you can get the prototype object with ...



More on __proto__




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