Get parent object from object

Is it possible?

Let's say there are two objects of the same type:

$object1->object2->property = 'xxxx';

this is now done via __set (). At this point, I get into the scope of object2 (which is a property of object1). How can I access object1 from this __set function?


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You can not.


is not a parent, it is a container. If you want to access a function object1

from object2

, you must have a link to object1


Use this type of template:

class class1 
   public $child; 
   public function __construct() 
      $this->child = new class2($this);

class class2 
   private $parent;
   public function __construct(class1 $parent) 
      $this->parent = $parent; 


Is this what you are looking for?



Try using parent::

from a child class.



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