Is it possible to inline a list function in a foreach statement in PHP?

I've thought about this issue before but haven't found it anywhere. I think I have done this with Python, but never PHP.

Define a base php array:

$arr = array (array(1,2,3), array(4,5,6), array(7,8,9));


Then run this snippet:

foreach ($arr as $row)
    list($a, $b, $c) = $row;
    echo "$a, $b, $c <br>";


It's so common, I've had to do this a million times during my php career ... but it seems a little wasteful. $ row is a temporary variable and never used, and the list () = line seems like it should be put in the foreach bracket.

Something like this (of course it doesn't work):

foreach ($arr as list($a, $b, $c) = $row)
    echo "$a, $b, $c <br>";



foreach ($arr as list($a, $b, $c))
    echo "$a, $b, $c <br>";


Has anyone come up with a cool shortcut for this? Thank!


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Yes, sort of. Use this:

while( list( $key, list( $a, $b, $c ) ) = each( $array ) ) {
    // do stuff here


Note the use list

twice - each

returns a key-value pair and that value is also an array, so we use again list


You can also use list( , list( $a, $b, $c ) )

by leaving $key

if you like. But I think this ugly syntax.;)



You can try this:

$array = array( array(1, 2, 3), array(4, 5, 6), array(7, 8, 9) );
for($next = current($array), list($a, $b, $c) = $next;
    // ^ current array           ^ current list
    // ^ check if array
    $next = next($array), list($a, $b, $c) = $next)
    // ^ next array         ^ next array list
    echo "$a, $b, $c <br>".PHP_EOL;




1, 2, 3 <br>
4, 5, 6 <br>
7, 8, 9 <br>




While this will not include the list in foreach, another approach you may find is to use foreach instead and thus bypassing the temporary variable like this:

$a = array (array(1,2,3), array(4,5,6), array(7,8,9));
for ($i=(int)0; $i<count; $i++) {
    list($a, $b, $c)=$a[$i];
    echo "$a, $b, $c<br />";


With this I added 2 more variables, but they only contain an integer which definitely reduces memory usage by removing the temporary variable that will contain the array.



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