Reset css style for div content

There is an html page configured using css styles (I cannot change this css). One tag of this page is designed as a container for dynamic html data. How can I "reset" the css parameters for this div (CSS styles defined on the page do not affect the content of this div)?

I only have access to dynamic html and can add more CSS styles to the page.


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If you understand correctly, the problem is because the CSS for the master page affects the CSS for your "dynamic" div. For the most part, there is nothing you can do about it other than specifying higher priority stylesheets for the dynamic content being loaded.

You can do this by doing in-line css or by making other more specific CSS declarations in the file or tags.



The answer is not to "reset" the style, but to set the styles you want in the div to override whatever page types you have selected. In your situation, you need to either edit the style attribute or change the javascript style properties.



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