Boost :: Pool is not linked

I am using boost::pool

. It only has a header file, no dll or o or lib. He has to work without them.

When I compile my code even though it says:

LNK1104: cannot open file 'libboost_thread-vc100-mt-gd-1_49.lib'


Why is this? There shouldn't be a .lib that is causing the problem.


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I don't know much about Boost.Pool

, but the documentation says it's just a header. You are probably including Boost.Threads

somewhere in your program, or Boost.Pool

relies on some part of Boost.Threads


I see you are using MSVC . You must have Boost libraries in your library search path; the method for adding search directories depends on the version of the MSVC you are using.

If you haven't created the Boost binaries yet, see this question for some tips.

Here's a good link from Boost itself.

And this page from Mircrosoft will show you how to set your library directory. Use the link / dropdown at the top of the page for specific instructions for your version of MSVC.



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