Is it possible to create apps for facebook groups?

I am a member of the facebook group that runs weekly contests with artists. This group has over 5,000 members, fortunately not all of them participate because at the end of each week there is a vote for the favorite / best works of that week. And administrators have to manually view image by image and count votes. Voting is limited to those who enter the competition, so the artist puts their vote as their description of the image ... or part of it anyway.

I wanted to create an application that will extract information about a photo from an album to create a list of submitted images and artists to make the counting much easier.

Actually I created such an application, but it looks like it only works with personal profiles and pages ... not groups due to the need to be in the "white list". It seems strange to me when the group is "OPEN" and the application cannot even read the data there, but OK.

My question is, is it possible to get an application in this whitelist, or at least create an application specifically for the group for this purpose? In my attempts to find any information on this subject, I have not been successful. So, I ask you all here on Stack Overflow, since you all seem to be in bed with facebook in some way. I just hope to get an answer from someone that knows something, not guess or guess.

The last competition had 325 participants, and there were too many for a survey.

I don't know if this topic has already been covered ... I used search but Stack Overflow is using Google to search the site and because these topics are paginated Google indexed the results on a specific page but when you go there the topics are nowhere find ... not very useful ...

Anyway, thanks for your time and I would be very grateful for an answer, not a post just buried in a point that no one will see ...


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I was wondering the same thing for the same reason.

Not displayed:


Provides access to a list of groups of which group membership is a member.

This permission is reserved for apps that replicate Facebook on platforms that don't have their own client.

If anyone knows otherwise, I would like to know.



I don't know the exact answer about whether apps can only be created for groups without short listings, but here are alternative solutions.

If the goal of this exercise is to restrict some features (or entries) to only those users who are members of the group, then why not get the user "user_groups" rights from the user, access his groups through the Graph API, and flag users are either members groups, or not, and accordingly expand the functionality. Perhaps you can restrict registration to only those who are currently a member of this group.



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