How do I prevent a user from changing the system date / time (in Windows 7)?

When using googled, the general advice is to create a standard account without an administrator.

I just tried this. I only had one account, my own, which is an administrator, and then created a second one (not a guest account). I logged out of my account and into a new one and tried to change the time. On Windows 7 a window popped up asking if my main account allows (and prompts for a password).

I was told, "Can't change system date / time." I intended to provide a PC with just a regular account and with s / w, but can't (I think) prevent the user from creating an administrative account and changing the date / time.

Can I prevent this programmatically from Delphi, or should I just say that if the user wants to be destructive, I cannot prevent it?


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In your application, you can actually determine when the system changes while your application is running.

When you change the system time, you will get WM_TIMECHANGE.

On startup, you can save gettickcount (as StartTickCount) and now (as StartTime). When checking, you can check if they differ between tickkat and different time values ​​(allow slight discrepancy) and know different. However, if the user changes the system time away from your application, this trick will not work. You may have a service that automatically checks for this.

If you need to go back to the original time, here are some resources: CHANGE SYSTEM TIME

btw, at the OS level, a regular user cannot create an admin user.



Typically such restrictions are set using Windows Group Policy

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From delphi you can use Group Policy API or RSoP WMI Classes .



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