Setting up your own Openlayers Proxyhost

I've seen an example related to WMS Get Feature Info like:

In this example they use

 OpenLayers.ProxyHost = "proxy.cgi?url=";


My question is:

How can we set up our own proxthost for our geoserver layers?

Help would be appreciated.


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From the OpenLayers Project Frequently Asked Questions .

To use the cgi proxy you can use the proxy.cgi example from either Trac or GitHub . You should probably use the GitHub link, but I've included the Trac link for completeness.

For standard Apache configuration, you must place proxy.cgi in the / usr / lib / cgi -bin / directory.

You don't need to use a CGI proxy to handle trusted requests across domains. On a machine using IIS to serve the OpenLayers map pages, I used application request routing rather than a CGI script to forward http requests to a trusted GeoServer.



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